Welcome to Profit Programming

Since 1974, Profit Programming Inc. has been helping companies like yours maximize their IT investments to reduce costs and improve service to their customers.  Today, customer service is enterprise-wide and beyond, demanding immediate response to inquiries; efficient logistics throughout the entire order process; and responsive customer service after the sale.  Superior customer service extends beyond the bounds of the enterprise to encompass your suppliers and customers in an integrated system of performance to increase your profits.  Our mission is to enable you to provide this demanding level of customer service.

Whether you are looking to implement a modern ERP system or address a specific area of your business, Profit Programming has the resources to help you build a better business. We are experienced in a range of technologies, including Progress OpenEdge, Microsoft .Net, Microsoft SQL Server, Visual FoxPro and current mobile technologies. We have 40 years of experience using proven technologies to help companies solve business problems.