Budget Maestro Enterprise Budgeting and Planning Software

Budget Maestro Enterprise Budgeting and Planning Software

Develop your plan with people, products and dollars, not cells, formulas and macros.

Budget Maestro’s enterprise budgeting software streamlines the entire budgeting and planning process. By greatly simplifying the task of data collection, Budget Maestro dramatically shortens budget cycle time as well as improves accuracy and relevance of results… and does it all without the aggravation of spreadsheets.

Unified financial picture

This powerful enterprise planning software offers a single centralized database, integrating all the elements of the budget plan. A comprehensive solution for companies with a single line of business or many entities or locations, Budget Maestro allows:

  • Unified budgeting, forecasting and reporting of all financial & non-financial elements, including revenue, expenses, personnel, capital assets, loans and lines of credit
  • Productive use by both financial and line managers, using an intuitive interface, with wizards, menus and drop-down guides
  • Budget development at any level – Benchmark off actuals or existing budgets by department, company, project, account, etc.
  • Synchronized Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statements derived from P&L Budget
  • Quick and accurate allocations – based on hours worked, billable hours, square feet, production hours, headcount, total expenses, total revenue or any other driver value in your budget with no formulas to manage or debug
  • Easily import data from your existing systems, including accounting systems, ERP, HR, FAS and CRM

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